Employment and labor laws involving complex issues such as discrimination, harassment, hostile work environment, wage and hour compliance, termination, severance, and immigration compliance issues require the assistance of an experienced attorney. Businesses facing a legal challenge should contact attorney Michael Gogal at the Gogal Law Office, PC.

Employment and labor law has become increasing complicated. With both Federal and State laws and regulations to consider, hiring the right attorney for your employment or labor matter is critical. Michael Gogal has over twenty-two years of experience handling a variety of employment, labor, and related business matters.

Whether your legal challenges involve discrimination, harassment, hostile work environment, wage and hour, employee torts or other wrongdoing, immigration compliance or employee leave issues, Michael Gogal will effectively and efficiently represent you. Michael represents his labor and employment clients in all aspects of the legal process: from identification of a potential issue; to evaluation of all risks and liabilities; to internal investigations; through negotiations with adversarial parties, including government agencies; to agency investigations and hearings; through mediations, arbitrations; and even litigation. Michael has vast knowledge of the various State and Federal laws that impact labor and employment law matters, and the practical experience to effectively and efficiently achieve the best results for his clients.